Grazi Massafera surprises with a bold attitude after breaking up with Caio Castro: “More difficult to hunt”

Grazi Massafera
Grazi Massafera takes a bold attitude after breaking up with Caio Castro (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Grazi Massafera, who recently rejoined the singles team, it seems, is fuller than ever.

Proof of this is that she, in the last monday (30), surprised fans by posting beautiful photos taken during a bath in a waterfall on social networks.

Bold, the actor’s ex-girlfriend Caio Castro appears in the images only in a bikini. By assigning a caption to the post, it prompted reflection.

“The most difficult butterfly to hunt is the adjective, for this here and now. Oh nature, you beautiful!”, declared the ex-BBB and soap opera actress of Globe, which won praise.

ohhh beautiful woman, reacted to Mariana Felício. Beautiful thing, added David Brazil. Affff how is beautiful”, said Giovanna Lancellotti.

Recently, Caio turned to the networks to deny rumors that the romance had been broken up due to betrayals:

We were never one to talk about our relationship. We never exposed much about us and it will not be now that I will feed this type of report. But making up a story of betrayal becomes disrespectful. We decided to separate for our reasons. We were mature and respect, above all, our love”.

At the end of this informal communiqué, Grazi Massafera’s ex-boyfriend asked netizens to respect him and the famous woman in this new phase: “And if I can ask for anything, I would like to ask respect for the moment we are going through, me and Grazi. Good week to everyone”.

In an interview with Ela magazine, Grazi was clear in saying that the decision was consensual, due to the lack of harmony between the two at the time: “My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood that it was time to go apart. What I can say now is that we’ve ended our story”.

The heartthrob, after the separation, left the famous woman’s apartment in Rio de Janeiro and returned to São Paulo. Rumors are that he has already engaged in an affair with Larissa Bonesi, a Brazilian actress who is a star of Indian Netflix, who also works as a model and has around 440,000 followers on Instagram.

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