Grêmio reveals having paid R$ 27 million in Tardelli’s termination and 5 more

Grêmio’s board revealed, on Monday night (30), at a meeting at the Deliberative Council, details of six recent contract terminations. The list includes the departures of Diego Tardelli, Thiago Neves, André, David Braz, Paulo Victor and Vanderlei. The document went viral on social networks and had its veracity confirmed by UOL Sport.

According to the financial summary shown to the board members, Grêmio accumulates R$ 27.5 million in six agreements to terminate contracts. The most expensive arrangement to break the bond, among those mentioned, was with Paulo Victor, currently at Marítimo, in Portugal.

The table has five columns and shows, next to the players, the total value of the contract, the figures for the termination agreement, then the difference and finally the comparative percentage between the original amount and the right to leave before the end of the contract .

Diego Tardelli, hired in early 2019, had a R$29.6 million contract with Grêmio. The player signed the termination in January of last year and, according to the agreement, the payment of R$ 4.2 million was agreed. That is, 85.7% less than expected in the bond, R$ 25.3 million difference.

André, hired in 2018 after a long negotiation with Sport, had a contract worth R$7.6 million. The striker revealed by Santos terminated in August 2020 in an agreement that cost R$ 5.8 million to Grêmio’s coffers. A difference of R$1.7 million — or 23.3% between the total amount until the end of the contract and the agreement for termination.

Thiago Neves, hired in early 2020, had a contract worth R$11.8 million. The termination signed in September of last year closed with a payment of R$5.3 million — a 55.09% difference in relation to the total cost of the bond.

Vanderlei, Grêmio’s reinforcement at the beginning of last season, had a contract with a total value of R$ 3.8 million. The termination signed in April 2021 provides for payment of R$3.7 million — 4.94% difference in relation to the cost of the full bond.

The agreement between Grêmio and David Braz was closed with an indemnity of R$ 1.3 million. The defender signed with the club from Rio Grande do Sul in July 2019 and the link had a cost of R$2.9 million. The termination was agreed in April 2021.

Paulo Victor, former Flamengo goalkeeper, was hired during the 2017 season and recently terminated from Grêmio. His contract had a cost of BRL 7.6 million, according to the board’s notes, and the agreement for termination was signed with an indemnity of BRL 7 million — a 7.9% difference in relation to the original cost.

The screen labeled “Contract Termination” shows, in the final line of the second column, the total of the six contracts: R$ 63.5 million. In the column on the right, the total value of the terminations reaches R$ 27,512,291.43. And in the total space for the difference between contract and termination, the accumulated amount mentioned is R$ 36,056,558.51 with a percentage difference of 56.7%.

The survey is expected to be updated shortly. Hours earlier, Grêmio signed an agreement to terminate Maicon’s contract. At 35, the midfielder leaves the club four months before the end of his contract.

The meeting between directors and management officially recorded the surplus numbers for the second quarter of the season.