Haircut prices vary up to 800% in BH – Economy

The services offered by the beauty salons in Belo Horizonte have returned with full force with the greater flexibility of the economy. At least as far as price variation is concerned. A male haircut can vary up to 800%, between BRL 20 and BRL 180, and a female haircut 600%, costing, on average, a minimum of BRL 30, and can reach up to BRL 210, depending on the location of the establishment . Same variation as for hair reconstruction, ranging between R$30 and R$350.

The price research site MercadoMineiro released this Monday morning (30/8) the result of a survey carried out between August 20 and 27, 2021 in establishments in the capital. And the variations were very significant, “often justifiable, given the structure, location and quality of service providers”, explains Feliciano Abreu, platform administrator.
Jair Dias Campos, 35, has worked as a hairdresser and barber for 18 years and says there is strong competition in the market. A beard, according to the survey, can cost between R$ 20 and R$ 35, a variation of 75%. Even admitting the increase in products and equipment used in the hall, he guarantees that he has been maintaining labor prices “as charged by competitors.”

Even so, it needed more drastic measures, such as closing one of its two establishments, due to the rent, energy, and high value of products and cosmetics.

The location makes a lot of difference, according to the professional, who has always worked in the Central Region of the capital. Even with the resumption of activities, he claims that he is still far from reaching the percentage of the public as before the closing of the trade. Campos observes that his clientele consisted of workers in the Center.

“They cut hair before or after work, or during lunch time. With all the trade closed, demand has practically stopped. Now with the return, we can notice the drop in movement, since many of them became unemployed, are at home, and they prefer to go to the nearest salon. We had some residents left in the Central Region”, he laments.

However, the maintenance of more balanced prices in relation to those charged before the pandemic, an effort to keep the clientele, according to some professionals in the field. Cristina Pereira de Oliveira, 42, hairdresser and eyebrow design, and Patrcia dos Santos, 26, also hairdresser, confirm that the return to activities was “so delicate” and many customers demand “impossible to offer” offers.

“Women’s hair is still a bit weak, the greatest demand is in aesthetics, but what has really sustained are the manicure services”, explains Cristina. The way out is to offer packages: “we offer haircuts with added hydration, or eyebrows matched with foot. Some waxing, small packages that give us some return”, he explains.
The Patr hairdressers
Hairdressers Patrcia and Cristina say that even with an increase in products, they try to maintain the price of service to customers (photo: Edesio Ferreira/EM/DA Press)

“With real hair, the search is more for the basics, a brush, a board. People are broke. We hope for a reaction in September, but also for people to become aware of this new strain that is circulating and to take proper care. maintaining the price before the pandemic, even with increases in creams, shampoo, nail polish, but if we increase the workforce, we will lose customers,” adds the professional.

Raquel Gonalves Pereira Santos, 18, musician, currently works in telemarketing. She says that due to the routine of work, study and music, she rarely attended the halls and during the pandemic and ended up taking care of herself at home. But it recognizes the need to resort to beauty parlors for “more accurate treatment” and also “to make us feel better cared for, as long as we have an establishment that provides us with this safely, with adequate distance, and respected health care. Salo tends to have agglomeration.”

The client claims to notice the increase in prices and that the impact of the pandemic has affected the sector. She considers that the services provided maintained an “average price, because if it is high, there is no customer and very low, the merchant will not be able to support himself.”

Rodrigo da Rosa, 33, owner of a hair care products and cosmetics store, works with national and imported products. They are creams and liquids for growth, treatment, chemical processes in general. Its portfolio of offers is around 30 products and admits that some have almost doubled in price. In these cases, the imported with the devaluation of the real. As for nationals, the increase reached, according to him, on average 15%.

Variations in prices for beauty services in BH salons

In addition to the variations of 800% in men’s haircuts and 600% in women’s and hair reconstruction, the Mercado Mineiro survey found that hydration is costing from R$35 to R$180, with a variation of 414%.

A progressive brush can vary up to 250%, between R$ 100 and R$ 350. Dyeing the highlights can also be heavy in your pocket, between R$ 50 and R$ 220 with a variation of 340%. Manicures and pedicures can vary between R$30 and R$70, a variation of 133%. Complete hair removal costs from R$100 to R$180, a difference of 80%.
Jair says he lost a lot of customers and needed to
Jair says he lost a lot of customers and even had to close one of his barber shops (photo: Edesio Ferreira/EM/DA Press)

The platform also raised the variation of comparative prices in the months of August 2020 and 21st, noting the difficulties of the sector, which was completely paralyzed for a long period. The average price of the women’s cut rose from R$69.11 to R$83.21 (20.41 percent). The brush rose from R$34.67 to R$39.57, an increase of 14%. The average price of hydration increased from R$ 63.06 to R$ 76.85 (21.87%).

The service of manicure and pedicure from R$ 37.26 to R$ 41.48 (11%). The male cut presented an average variation between R$41.28 and R$48.06 (16.44%). And to trim or shave the beard, the citizen spends between R$ 22.50 and R$ 25.77, an increase of 14.53%.