Have you taken over? Neymar declares himself to be Bruna Marquezine’s look-alike

Are there people in love out there? In a photo of the digital influencer Bruna Biancardi, posted by her on her Instagram account, this Monday (8/31), player Neymar made a point of liking and commenting on the publication. “Beautiful”, wrote the ace, adding a heart emoji at the end.

Neymar and Bruna, the new couple NeyBru or Bruney, posed for the first time, hugging each other, on the 10th birthday of Davi Lucca, son of the striker, which took place in Paris, on Saturday (28/8). In the photo, they appear in the center, surrounded by the player’s friends, such as Gil Cebola and Jota Amâncio, as well as Carol Dantas, the athlete’s ex and mother of her son, who was accompanied by her husband, Vini Martinez.


Fans are following Neymar’s new phase with a lot of excitement, but one person wouldn’t be enjoying this story at all. According to the newspaper Extra, Bruna Marquezine is upset with her ex-boyfriend’s new affair. Friends of the actress reportedly said she is not enjoying seeing this romance because it is the first time the athlete has assumed he is with someone publicly since they broke up.

Also according to the publication, the artist would have even attempted a rapprochement with the player. Shortly before the end of their relationship with Enzo Celulari, when they were in a bad phase of their relationship. Bruna would have gone to a party at Gabriel David’s house with the intention of being seen with the football player, but he was already accompanied by another woman.

Shortly thereafter, Neymar appeared enjoying a trip to Ibiza, Spain. Unlike the other times he went there to enjoy his bachelor life, he was accompanied by Bruna Biancardi.