Help is missing from the account? users complain about app issues

The Federal Government is completing this week the payments of the fifth installment of Emergency Aid. Benefit money is falling in the early hours of the day for the corresponding date beneficiaries. However, on social networks, some users are saying that the amount would be digitally disappearing.

“Yesterday I went to look at my account and saw that the Emergency Aid had gone down normally. Today, I went to pay my tickets and saw that I no longer had the money. What’s going on?” asked a user on his official Twitter profile. Caixa Econômica Federal did not answer this question.

However, in the answers to that question, dozens of other users said the same had happened to them. According to reports, the benefit money would be falling out of the account and disappearing a few minutes later. Some even reported that the amount came and went more than twice.

Later this Monday (30th) night, Caixa commented on problems in its Caixa Tem app. According to the bank, there were some instabilities in the application. They did not talk, however, about this issue of the disappearance of values ​​of Emergency Aid after it falls into the account.

Anyway, according to analysts, it is most likely that this is directly related to these instabilities in the app. So if this happens to any users, it’s better not to worry. Once the app is back to normal, the money is likely to return normally without any major problems.

What if Aid doesn’t come back?

If the money in question does not return even after the app returns, then the user needs to contact the authorities. First, it is necessary to talk to Caixa Econômica to try to resolve this situation.

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Citizens can also contact other Federal Government agencies such as the Ministry of Citizenship and even Dataprev. If none of these calls work, it may be time to seek legal action.

The first step is to contact the Federal Public Defender’s Office (DPU). It’s that local agents can help with the task of bridging the situation between citizens and the Federal Government. This ends up helping a lot of people right now.

Cashier Problems

Problems with the Caixa Tem application are more common than you might think. And to make matters worse, they usually happen just at a time when the Federal Government is transferring the Emergency Aid money to the population.

All of this suggests that the problem is related to the number of accesses at the same time. Maybe that’s why a tip to try to move the amount without major problems is to try to move the money at dawn.

It is also worth remembering that informal people who are having problems at Caixa Tem can also try to use their money through Internet Banking. Another option, by the way, is to wait for the benefit withdrawal period.

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