Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 30, 2021 | Horoscope

The day's horoscope mandala is designed by astrologer and designer Marcelo Dalla
Marcelo Dallas

The day’s horoscope mandala is designed by astrologer and designer Marcelo Dalla


Better to research before making important decisions or purchases. You can avoid confusion and mistakes by slowing down, broadening your vision, investing in compassion and sensitivity. Mars confronts Neptune, it is important to avoid impulsiveness, aggressive and selfish attitudes. Try to cultivate generosity and a community spirit to join forces rather than divide. It is also important to cultivate a spirit of collaboration, diplomacy, professionalism and solidarity.


It is worth completing tasks and moving forward with what has already been started, without major decisions or expectations. It is necessary to beware of anxiety, impatience and impulsiveness. Even so, you can invest in good contacts. With Mercury and Venus in Libra, take the opportunity to exercise your communication skills. Let go of criticisms and complaints so that you can move forward with more diplomacy and balance in relationships. Activities related to aesthetics, design, arts and beauty continue to be favored.


It is worth dedicating yourself to offering an impeccable service or product. Now is the time to demonstrate your talents, competence and capabilities. The Sun follows in Virgo and Mercury enters Libra. With a clinical eye, analyze, ponder, research and observe to see everything more clearly. It is important to invest in your social and diplomatic skills to promote understanding. Also take time to read, study, learn, feed yourself with good information to recharge your energy.


Take advantage of this period to improve what is already in progress and elaborate, exchange ideas and finish whatever it is. With the waning Moon and the Sun in Virgo, invest in whimsy and care for every detail of your work. Prefer to carry out the task with calm, attention and affection. It’s also worth prioritizing issues, doing one thing at a time, instead of shooting all over the place. Try to remain open to perceive the needs of those close to you in order to align interests and make the necessary adjustments.


With the Moon in the waning phase, the week is one of closing, analysis and balances. Furthermore, Mars confronts Neptune: prefer to invest in matters that you already know well and that offer security. Avoid hasty decisions, invest in self-care, organization, cleanliness and hygiene, as the Sun follows in Virgo. Excellent time to invest in health and quality of life. The feeling that everything is in order can clear your mind, make you more confident, calm and balanced.


Heaven asks you to slow down so that you can take good care of your energies, avoid strain and confusion. Better to avoid criticism and conflicts too, lighten up on demands. The Sun remains in your sign, reminding you that it is important to invest in quality of life and take care of your health. Continue to invest in improving your projects, service quality or product finish. With Mercury in Libra, it’s important to keep an open mind to hear opinions and advice from people with other points of view.


Studies and activities related to communication are favored. Mercury enters your sign, favoring expressiveness. Be open to loving dialogue, including with yourself. You also deserve time to yourself, to take care of your body, mind and emotions. Continue to manage and visualize new projects, which will gain strength after your birthday. You can invest in beauty and relaxation treatments, walks in pleasant places, pampering in general.


Good time to see what needs to be improved or finalized once and for all. With the waning Moon, take time to internalize, reflect to resolve confusion, define issues and priorities. Mars and Neptune ask to be careful with your haste. Reckless, impulsive actions and hasty decisions do not work well. You need to be more persistent, you can resume a project that was stalled. Do you have faith in what you are doing? Can you fulfill your tasks with enthusiasm?


Save time to get informed, research, ask, clarify doubts. With the waning Moon and the Sun in Virgo, everything can and should be better organized. Take the opportunity to persevere in your work, improve your service and forward professional matters. Invest in simplicity, in practicality, avoid giving opinions on subjects you don’t know well. Calmly, it’s much easier to cultivate insight, distinguish subjects with real chances of fulfillment and false promises or exaggerated perspectives.


Friendliness, punctuality, kindness and diplomacy are your allies. It’s important to be careful about commitments and keep your word. Try not to leave room for pessimism, criticism and backbiting. Prefer to roll up your sleeves and demonstrate dedication at work, while being open to aligning interests with customers and partners. Focus now on completing a series of small tasks, step by step, one subject at a time. It is precisely with them that you will arrive on the long longed for path.


During the week it’s best to avoid hasty decisions or start new projects. The period is one of conclusion and closing. The Moon goes on waning and the Sun goes on in Virgo: good for improving the work, leaving no room for pessimism and arguments. No rush, anxiety or rush. Venus and Mercury follow in Libra: with warmth and commitment, you can have interests with customers and partners. It is important to communicate with openness, lightness and warmth so that you can attract opportunities.


Whenever Mars misaligns Neptune, it is important to avoid impulsive actions to avoid mistakes or confusion. Beware of harmful follies too, try to take good care of your body and health. You can also invest in improving new techniques. By demonstrating competence and dedication, you can attract employees and open doors at work. It’s worth noting any new ideas that come up. The alignment of interests with partners, partners and employees remains on the agenda.