How Calleri and Gabriel Neves can fit into São Paulo’s scheme

São Paulo closed, last Monday (30), the hiring of the striker Jonathan Calleri and the steering wheel Gabriel Neves. With the two arrivals, the team must improve the level of the squad and correct some deficiencies that the squad has. The two should fit well into Crespo’s team, although they don’t have guaranteed spots in the starting lineup.


Calleri’s fit is, in addition to being ‘simple’, more likely. The position of the center forward was, in the season, one of the most deprived of the club, which only had Pablo in many matches.

With the shirt 9 leaving something to be desired on several occasions and yielding criticism. The reinforcement for the function is not very different in characteristics, being also a player with less mobility, more focused on finishing when he has the ball in the small area.

The main difference is the technical quality of Calleri, who comes from stints in European football and has an excellent position. The psychological factor also weighs heavily, as the Argentine arrives in the arms of the fans, while Pablo is the target of recurring criticism.

Alongside Rigoni in a probable attacking duo, Calleri would be responsible for finishing the plays and being the goal man of the team, looking for infiltrations in the back of the defense and making an Argentine duo.

A good competitor for Calleri is Luciano, who recently returned from injury and was an attacking duo alongside Rigoni in the last match, against Juventude. Top scorer of the last Brasileirão, Luciano should establish himself as the team’s center forward, because, if he changed roles, Crespo would need to remove Rigoni from the position where he is playing very well.

As for defensive midfielder Gabriel Neves, ownership is not as likely as Calleri’s. The Uruguayan disputes position with Luan and even Liziero, players who have a good season and are key players in the starting lineup. The biggest benefit of hiring Neves, however, is that Luan will now have a reserve, not being the only ‘first defensive midfielder’ on the team.

Left-handed player, with good passing and able to control the team’s cadence, Gabriel Neves is a less defensive option for the position and may provide more opportunities for Crespo to adapt the team depending on the circumstances.

In games where the team needs greater offensive creation, Neves can be the starter in place of Luan, but in games with greater need to protect the defender trio, the Brazilian must be the owner of the vacancy.

It is possible (and likely) that São Paulo will be selected with both players among the starters. Recently, Nestor and Liziero are part of the team’s midfield, which gives Neves the opportunity to take the place of one of the two, taking on a more creative role in midfield.

With this, it is possible to affirm that the reinforcements are more important to give Hernán Crespo more alternatives and allow more replacements in the squad, not being held hostage by the possible physical problems of the athletes. They increase the quality of the squad in general.

Neves and Calleri are fighting for vacancies in the starting lineup and will have more than a week to work with Crespo and be properly fitted into the scheme, although they have good competitors to stay in the starting eleven.

A diagnosis of what the coach will do with the new hires will be more accurate on September 12, when Tricolor will return to play after the FIFA date and will face Fluminense, in the 20th round of the Brasileirão.