‘I was lucky to find a gym’, says Léo Santos about health

Léo Santos, low carb cook and MasterChef, attributes his success in the quest for health to the effort, luck and good reception of people at the gym. The cook came out of a sedentary lifestyle and now works out almost every day of the week, as he told in UOL Debate this Tuesday (31).

“At first, being overweight was my biggest hindrance, I think everyone who is overweight has a hard time accepting themselves in the gym. It’s that feeling that everyone there is satisfied and I, at least, was a little embarrassed to work out”, he told about the beginning of the journey.

In addition to Léo, the panel, which is part of the campaign for Live well Exercise It’s Medicine, was attended by psychiatrist Ana Paula Carvalho, specialist in lifestyle medicine; the physical education professional Marcio Lui; and presenter and model Ellen Jabour.

Despite the fear of being judged in athletics, Léo said that the experience was just the opposite. “I was lucky to find a gym, where my staff understood my situation, and people hugged me,” he recalled. “This doesn’t always happen, because the gym can be a toxic environment. But after a month I worked out from Monday to Saturday,” he said.

The gym is a place for everyone, this stigma that we create that the gym is not a place for an overweight person is something that doesn’t exist. People over there will not judge you for being overweight. It’s an apparently hostile environment, but it’s not. It’s something in our head. Leo Santos

MasterChef started out walking the street alone and heard from others that he couldn’t keep up the habit. His psychologist recommended joining the gym to encourage routine and “because exercise is antidepressant”, as Léo recalled.

For him, the key was to find pleasure in physical activity. “It’s something we always seek, pleasure in situations, even in a sedentary lifestyle,” he explained. “Sometimes seeing a lively person training stimulates us too,” he said.

exercise is medicine

This report is part of the campaign of Live well Exercise É Remédio, which aims to emphasize the importance of physical activity for health and give tips and ideas to combat sedentary lifestyles.

The contents address the importance of physical activity to prevent and treat diseases, the signs your body gives when you don’t move enough, tips to make exercise a habit, and find out which one suits you best, essential care to get started to move, including in old age and inspiring reports from people who have treated serious health issues with physical activity. But there’s so much more. Check out all the campaign content here.

This is the third campaign in a series of Live well which has brought thematic content to help fight the problems that many people face in their daily lives and contribute to your health and well-being.

The first was Overcome Postpartum Depression, held in March; and the second was “Have a Healthy Mouth” in June.