Ilha Record: After Pyong Lee, Antonela also ends marriage

Yeah, it seems that “Ilha Record” really affected the personal life of Pyong Lee and Antonela Avellaneda. The controversial participation of the two on the reality show has given talk and, after the end of the illusionist’s marriage with Sammy Lee, now it’s Argentina’s turn to reveal its separation.

After Pyong Lee, Antonela also ends marriage
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A controversial scene between Antonela and Pyong in “Ilha Record” was the trigger for Sammy Lee, who put an end to the relationship just before the reality show began. But internet users only recently discovered that Antonela was also in a relationship for three years with an entrepreneur named Tati Fdez.

Now, on your Instagram Stories, Antonela revealed that his partner “left him” due to recent web attacks. She made a point of reinforcing that the event with Pyong Lee did not encourage termination. Check out:

“People don’t know the damage caused by every comment, every aggression on social media. unfortunately my husband left me, not for the facts as it was just a misunderstanding, but for the mistreatment of all of you who make false profiles and have no limits, destroy people, generations of false moralists…”.

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Remember the scene of Pyong Lee and Antonela in “Ilha Record”

Since before the start of the show, rumors that the illusionist had hooked up with his co-star had started to circulate in the media and were reinforced by an excerpt from the reality teaser in which they appeared lying in the same bed.

> Sammy cries after seeing Pyong and Antonela’s alleged betrayal on “Ilha Record”
> Sammy Lee comments Pyong Lee and Antonela’s scene in “Ilha Record”

Antonela he lay down next to the ex-BBB and tried to lift the duvet up to head height so they wouldn’t be seen by the cameras, but soon Pyong he pulled away and lowered the blanket. The illusionist refused Avallaneda’s advances and said that he is not interested in betraying his partner, Sammy Lee.

“Don’t you want to?”, asks Antonela. “No”, rebuts Pyong. At the time, the model said that she didn’t just want to talk, insinuating that she would like to get involved with her colleague. He, in turn, says he was misunderstood.

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