In Dabove’s debut, Teixeira fails and Bahia loses from Flu at Maraca

Bahia lost to Fluminense 2-0 in the debut of coach Diego Dabove. On Monday night, 30, the tricolors arrived at Maracanã feeling similar flavors. Long fasts in season. Esquadrão with seven games without winning in Brasileirão and Flu without winning for six games, between Serie A and Libertadores games. As a result, both changed coaches recently and started the round hugging the edge of the relegation zone. The ones who breathed a sigh of relief were the Cariocas, while the Bahians now have the same 18 points as the first team in Z-4 and eight games without knowing what it’s like to win.

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In a very tight game, Lucca found a free kick in the 35th minute of the first stage and it was enough to practically sanctify the result. In the second half, the squadron’s lack of creativity was evident and the creation focused on the full-backs’ crosses. Despite that, he had good chances and put two balls on the crossbar. Flu practically gave up attacking, just managed the result and even found a goal with Bobadilla in the last move.

Bahia now has another free week to train, with an eye on the match at home against Fortaleza. This time, the tricolor duel will have very different flavors, for the last game of the first round.

The game

If in the repeated lineup it was not possible to see Diego Dabove’s style in the first minutes on the field, the change in behavior was already clear. Mugni appeared open on the left – almost like a winger – while Rodriguinho played the role of a classic 10, centered. This all adds up to a higher intensity than usual – as the coach had promised on his arrival.

But the game on the edge of the cliff is a game of desperate people, there’s no way. Mistakes quickly began to appear due to nervousness. Both Bahia and Fluminense had a hard time creating a more effective chance and often the ball changed possession more by mistake than by its own merit.

The first submission only happened after 19 minutes, but with it a good sequence of opportunities. Martinelli took the risk from outside the area, but played over the top. Three minutes later, Mugni made a good play on the left side of the Bahian attack, found Gilberto free, who was blocked and threw it out. Flu replied. Fred makes a nice pivot, after a nice move with Arias, and hits Matheus Texeira – he also had the option of Samuel Xavier entering alone on the right.

At 35 minutes, Patrick de Lucca arrived late at Yago Felipe. Missing for the Flu, by far. Lucca went to the collection and hit it well. The ball traveled and Matheus Teixeira even touched the round, but only to cushion the landing. Former law once again enshrined – when he was at Bahia he didn’t score a single goal.

In the rest of the first half, the game was even more tied. A series of fouls and mouths, but almost no ball rolling with quality.

At the beginning of the second stage, little happened. Flu tied up the match as best he could and managed the result. Bahia showed all its lack of repertoire and did not categorically bother at any time. The plays focused on the few accurate crosses of the full-backs.

With 15 minutes to go, Flu got tired and Esquadrão started to have clearer opportunities. Two balls on the crossbar. The first with a header, at 32, when Luiz Otávio rose more than his opponents in the corner. The second, at 37, the best of the game, Juninho Capixaba worked well with Rossi and threw a rocket that stopped at Marcos Felipe’s excellent defense and then at the crossbar.

There was even a shower of crossings. It looked like the goal would come out at any time. And left. After hitting and hitting the area horribly, Bobadilla put in the last foot and killed the game. Fluminense wins again and breathes a sigh of relief. Bahia has nine games without winning – eight defeats and only one draw in the period -, the longest fast since returning to Serie A in 2017.