In Germany, boy breaks into TV show and asks: “Where is GTA 6?” | Games

A somewhat unusual situation happened in a TV show in Germany, as a young man invaded the stage in a friendly way and asked the presenters: “Where is GTA 6?”, referring to the game Grand Theft Auto VI.

This happened on the program “Schlag den Star”, the German version of the British program “Beat the Star”, in which the guest of the time was the celebrity Evelyn Burdecki. In a friendly way, the “invader” introduced himself and started talking to the presenter Elton and the guest, asking where is GTA 6.

Moment of the boy’s entry onto the stage (Screenshot)

Interestingly, Elton and Evelyn Burdecki joined in the fun, so much so that Evelyn said “But isn’t GTA 6 a game?” and Elton even said “I haven’t even finished 5 yet”, this all before the boy was taken off the stage by security guards.

Grand Theft Auto VI, or GTA 6, is under development by Rockstar Games, as rumors reveal that it will be released between 2024 and 2025, and an actor has revealed that he is already working on one of the game’s characters. Even with this information and leaks, the producer did not release official information.