In the Emperor’s Times: Pedro constrains Luísa and cheers Teresa Cristina

Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) will make Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) happy by embarrassing Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) in the next scenes of “Nos Tempos do Imperador”.

The Countess is already packed and ready to travel with the emperor on the royal trip to the Northeast and suggests that the monarch is leaving Rio de Janeiro in style.

“Your Majesty, it would be good to organize a farewell ball. How long has it been since you opened the Quinta’s halls? I myself miss this closer contact between the imperial family and the nobles”, he will say.
“I imagine how much you miss European balls. And nobles,” the empress will comment as an indirection.

Pedro also does not welcome the idea of ​​organizing a ball: This is nonsense”.
Luisa will then try to convince the emperor with new arguments. “The royal family will travel together for the first time. Not cause for celebration? This is one of the pillars that sustain the monarchy around the world. People expect royalty to behave like royalty. They want to target someone. Emperors need to be admired with evening clothes”, he will say.

“I’d rather be seen walking the streets with my frayed coat. I want the people to know that, even though I’m an emperor, I’m just like them”, will respond Pedro, who has thought cutting spending important since the beginning of the plot.

Teresa Cristina will keep an eye on the discussion and enjoy every moment of embarrassment. “It was just a suggestion. Excuse me, the princesses are waiting for me for history class”, the Countess will say as she quickly leaves.