Jake Paul almost falls, but beats Tyron Woodley in a fight that excited even LeBron James

Jake Paul remains undefeated in his professional boxing career! This Sunday, the youtuber went through a scare when he was almost knocked out by Tyron Woodley, but managed to recover and beat the former champion of UFC in the split decision of the judges in a fight held in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States.

The fight, despite having started a bit slow, excited even LeBron James. “Cleveland is throbbing! I should have come home!” said the Los Angeles Lakers star via his Twitter.

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The fight started with Jake Paul’s total domination. Woodley proved to be quite shy and without much sense of urgency, letting the opponent take care of all the actions during the first 3 rounds without almost landing a blow. In the 4th round, however, the moment of the fight changed when the former UFC champion landed a beautiful punch on youtuber and almost got the knockout, but he couldn’t submit.

Woodley kept going up and we had the best round of the fight. In the next, Woodley kept pressing and got the best shots, but, again, he couldn’t finish. In the 6th round, Jake recovered in the fight and balanced his actions, despite the visible fatigue.

The fight was balanced until the end and was only decided by the judges, who gave the victory to Jake Paul.