Jefferson exposes the “personal contempt” for Moraes and exposes affront to his wife’s honor

In his last letter, written straight from prison, Roberto Jefferson exposed – in a strong outburst – his “personal contempt” for the STF minister, Alexandre de Moraes.

Jefferson revealed, among other things, what most made him feel that personal feeling for Moraes.

According to the PTB president, the minister’s determination in May 2020 directly affected his wife’s “honor”.

Read the excerpt from the letter:

“I have, it is true, a deep personal contempt for Minister Alexandre de Moraes for the persecution he makes of me and my party. […]

In May 2020, in the isolation of the pandemic, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, in the invisible and secret records of the Fake Inquiry, by Fake News, which has already been filed, determined in a monocratic order a search in my residence, my home. […]

One cold morning, we were interrupted during our daily devotional by the visit of two black and yellow police vans. Eight men, six carrying rifles and two armed with pistols. […]

“We have search and seizure warrants,” said the voice on the intercom, interrupting our prayers. Me in a sweatshirt, my Ana in a bathrobe. And our sacred home, rock and refuge, was taken by men in arms. They were looking for a 556 carbine and a cell phone. The carbine was in a photo at the Arms Fair in Brasília, My cell phone and the social network with three hundred thousand followers and one million interactions. There was no 556 carbine, they took my cell phone. My entire house, citadel and fortress, was searched and searched by eight men at arms.

They were looking for the 556 carbine in my Ana’s underwear drawers. Sacred reliquary that in twenty years of intimate life I have never violated. I remember the scene, police in gloves rummaging through the drawers of my Ana’s smallest underwear, I repeat, a reliquary where I never put my fingers or my hands.

I looked defeated and helpless as my wife’s dull eyes, moist and humiliated, stared at the floor. There I, helpless, dishonored as a man, could not defend my wife’s honor.

In the Fake Inquiry, now filed, Dr. Alexandre de Moraes, for a futile reason, caused me serious moral damage. Even today this is the reason for my nightmares. I wake up with a start, replaying those degrading and humiliating scenes.

I know that His Excellency Dr. Alexandre de Moraes ordered the Fake Inquiry to be archived due to lack of evidential basis and legal support. It was an adventure of their judicial activism, but it causes serious moral damage to my family and personal honor. […]

I just publicly set an agenda with him. We need to look each other in the eye. What is personal, is resolved personally.”

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  • Behind bars, Jefferson writes a new letter, looks at Moraes and tells details of the "personal contempt" between them (read the letter)Behind bars, Jefferson writes a new letter, looks at Moraes and tells details of the “personal contempt” between them (read the letter)

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