João Félix at Barcelona? Atlético de Madrid hammers out and decides the Portuguese’s future, says newspaper

O Madrid’s athletic expected a smooth final stretch of the transfer market, but received a proposal from the Barcelona by the attacker John Felix, the most expensive contract in the club’s history for 127 million euros, R$ 543 million, in July 2019.

However, according to information from the Sports World, Atlético de Madrid has no intention of negotiating the Portuguese revelation with an archrival.

The publication points out that João Félix is ​​considered ‘fundamental’ internally at Atléti and there is ‘zero chance’ of a turnaround in this last day of the transfer market in Spain.

This is not the first time Barcelona have run for João Félix. In the last attempt, the Catalan club proposed an exchange of the athlete for Antoine Griezmann, which was promptly refused by Atléti, since the Frenchman does not arouse the best feelings of Colchonero fans for having, in the past, exchanged Atlético for Barcelona.

Currently, João Félix is ​​recovering from an ankle injury and the last time he took the field was in the elimination of Portugal to Belgium, in the defeat by 1-0, in the Euro Cup, on June 27th.

O Sports World He also points out that João Félix received polls from Premier League clubs, but that they all received the same answer and that he wouldn’t have the ‘smallest chance’ of the negotiation being carried out.