Jobson is close to playing for Santos again: “I feel stronger”

Jobson is getting closer and closer to playing for Santos again. The midfielder is in the final stages of recovery from surgery on his right knee performed on February 6th.

Jobson does some work with the ball and expects to be available to coach Fernando Diniz between September and October.

“After almost eight months, I can finally say that I’m getting closer and closer to doing what I love again. They were difficult days, some of a lot of pain and suffering and, mainly, I miss the lawns. I always try to see the bright side of things. things and today I can see with good eyes what I went through, because I know there is always a purpose in God’s plans. I evolved and matured a lot during this injured period and today I feel stronger and ready for another stage. I hope to return as soon as possible possible and continue to fulfill the dream of playing in Santos’ shirt,” Jobson published.

The medical department of Peixe adopts caution in the recovery, but sees Jobson in excellent condition and should release him for greater contact with the ball, such as collective or tactical training, in the coming days.

In a recent interview, coach Fernando Diniz praised Jobson and was eager to have him.

“Talented player, I know from São Paulo base. He played for Nacional, Red Bull and now Santos. Talented player, identified with the club and I look forward to his return. He has important characteristics and can help Santos a lot,” said the coach.

Jobson is 25 years old, was hired in 2019 and played 40 games for Santos, with three goals scored. The contract ends on April 15, 2024.

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