Joelma announces back of the band Calypso

The singer from Pará Joelma is full of news for the next year. She announced that she is going back with Banda Calypso. The artist’s statement took place last Saturday (28), during a special live that took place on her YouTube channel.

According to Joelma, the intention is to make a special tour with the group with which she was revealed throughout Brazil:

“There is a lot to come (…). Next year we’re on the Isto é Calypso tour, and the band Isso é Calypso will come back.” he said.

The announcement of Banda Calypso’s return came after just over five years, when she divorced her husband and bandmate, guitarist Chimbinha. Since then Joelma has pursued a solo career, where he already has several hits released.

Recently, the blonde, who has more than 30 years of career and since 1999 in charge of Calypso, released the video for the single Coração Vencedor, which currently has almost 5 million views on Youtube.

abusive relationship
A few weeks ago, Joelma was on the program Jojo Nove e Meia, hosted by funk artist Jojo Todynho, where she made an outburst about domestic violence. The singer said that for years she witnessed aggressions suffered by her mother.

“It’s part of my story, right? Because my father was completely abusive to my mother. He didn’t hit her, he beat her and he was five years old and he remembered everything. I grew up harboring this horrible feeling like a pet. There came a time in my life when I couldn’t smile anymore, but I knew the way back. I learned to forgive. My father left home when I was eight years old. When I went to talk to him, I was already 42 years old”, vented.