Joelma irritates Ximbinha when he says he will use the Calypso brand again

Last weekend, Joelma participated in a live on Instagram and commented about his future projects and also about his personal life. Her statements irritated her ex-husband, Ximbinha, who had to release a note to rebut some of her ex-partner’s lines.

The two, who were married until 2015, are fighting in court for the use of the Banda Calypso brand, which launched both of them to national success. During the broadcast, Joelma said that he will resume shows using the band’s name, but instead of calling it by its original name, he decided to use “That’s Calypso”.

“There’s a lot to come. Next year we’re on the ‘That’s Calypso’ tour, and the band ‘That’s Calypso’ will come back,” commented the singer, who was excited about the plans.

Also, on the same day, she responded to a follower on social media who asked if she would return to her relationship with the guitarist. “Going back with the ex? I prefer death!. Going back with my band. This project is one hundred percent mine,” stated Joelma, directly.

The vocalist’s statements forced Ximbinha to release a statement stating that the use of the Banda Calypso brand is prohibited by the courts for the time being. “By court order, the brand can only be used if the two partners are together. In this way, the band could only return in its original formation, and not just by one of the artists”, says the text released by the guitarist and echoed by the newspaper “Extra”.

It is not known yet whether the change in the band’s name would be enough to circumvent the legal problem. The former couple has no contact since the rumored separation.