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Antonela Avellaneda announced that she was abandoned by her husband, Tati Fdez. The Argentine said, however, that the end of the three-year marriage did not happen because of the false betrayal with Pyong Lee on Ilha Record, but because of attacks received by social networks. “Unfortunately, my husband left me,” she communicated.

“People don’t know the damage caused by every comment, every aggression on social media,” she vented, in a post made in Stories on her Instagram profile. “My husband left me not for the facts, as it was just a misunderstanding,” he wrote.

“By the mistreatment of all of you who make false profiles and have no limits, you destroy people,” accused the former BBC. “Generation of false moralists,” fired the blonde.

Antonela announces the end of her marriage on Instagram Stories

Antonela began to receive criticism as soon as a scene of her and Pyong under the comforter was aired. Rumors were already circulating that the two would have spent the night together in Paraty, the city where Ilha Record was recorded, in an alleged betrayal of their respective spouses.

The confinement scene, however, showed only the two of them lying together under the comforter to talk game — there was no romance between them within the confinement. Lee’s marriage broke up even before Ilha Record debuted, but he and Sammy Lee went on a spiritual retreat together in an attempt to reconnect.

The Record audience didn’t even know that Antonela was married when the accusations of treason began. On social networks, the blonde doesn’t have any photos with her lover. Fdez, in turn, has numerous publications by his ex-wife on his profile, which have not yet been deleted.

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