Leo Dias goes after Naiara Azevedo in a controversial way and takes action after being exposed by her

Leo Dias detonates Naiara Azevedo (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Naiara Azevedo posted a video detonating columnist Leo Dias after he broke the news that she had split from the manager Rafael Cabral, after 5 years together, saying that a fight would have motivated the breakup.

Given the situation, he insisted on giving his answer with one more note in his column, saying that the sertaneja’s temperament was what made the relationship come to an end.

In addition, Leo said that it is this same temperament that makes it difficult for him to live in the entire country, noting that the video in which she used to detonate him was erased soon after.

In the headline of the news, in response, the columnist joked: “Naiara being Naiara”. In the publication in question, the singer did not deny the news, but shot:

“I wanted to say this in person, Leo, but since you like to expose people to your networks, I’ll use mine to talk to you. First: I always felt so sorry for you. It must be very difficult to be a person hated by everyone. You can be sure that the vast majority are only on your side out of fear. Afraid you’ll speak ill of them, but I’m not afraid of you. The only fear I have on earth is God”.

“The day I had the opportunity to be with you in person I could feel how heavy your energy is. How much sadness you carry. I’m not mad at you and I can’t feel anything but pity.” finished.

The publication of the website Metrópoles highlighted that the separation came about ten days ago, after a fight between the two, as the relationship had not been going well since last month.

Through social media, however, Naiara maintained her diplomacy and limited herself to announcing the end with a lot of politeness, saying:

“There are no words to express the feeling of seeing a relationship come to an end. But, there is a time when we need to look at ourselves and reframe some things. It took 9 years of mistakes and successes, pains and joys and a lot of respect!”.

According to Leo, in 2019, they already faced a crisis in their marriage and raised rumors of its break-up, but everything ended up fine soon after. Now, the decision was final.

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