Leonardo’s wife takes a shower in a waterfall and lifts her butt

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife appeared in a waterfall (Photo: Reproduction)

Even in winter, some places in Brazil have been sunny. The proof of this is that, in recent days, the singer’s wife Leonardo impacted the lives of fans by sharing a video taking a shower in waterfall.

The post soon stole the show, as at the moment, the blonde comes up with a full butt, wearing a top that highlighted all her negative and flat belly. “A bath in a waterfall bathes the entire soul”, said in the caption.

“Wow, what a delight to bathe, this woman is too hot, and even with her back,” praised a grown man. “This one knows how to be beautiful and engaging”, declared the second person. “I’m really dying, I have to confess,” said the last one.

all natural

Poliana Rocha, along with Leonardo, realized that internet fame had arrived with everything. In conversation with the Quem magazine, the businesswoman who is Zé Felipe’s mother and Maria Alice’s grandmother, highlighted that she did not believe she would live as an influencer. At the time, she demonstrated that she did not take her own potential seriously.

“It was nothing planned. Everything happened naturally. Suddenly, I found myself inserted in this medium. I felt like sharing my daily life with my family and my moments because of the affection I received from the fans. I am very grateful for all the affection I receive. I’m flattered and happy. My husband and my son thought I had evolved too much, they said that I started too late and that I had to have started earlier, younger. But I believe that everything has the right time, the will of God”, he said.

routine changed

Also in the same conversation, Poliana highlighted that because of the pandemic, managed to enjoy the routine intensely alongside the countryman Leonardo. In addition, she enjoyed the days without her husband’s shows, to stay longer on the farm renewing the bronze.

“I don’t live on the farm, I live in Goiânia, in a gated community a little far from the city. Due to the pandemic, Léo is without shows so we are spending a good part of our time there. The farm is a super simple place, without any glamour. It has a lake that is a delight. I like the freedom of the children to enter the house wet, without having restrictions on sofas, rugs… The routine there is to go for walks, ride a jet-ski and enjoy homemade food”, he said.

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