Leopoldina sets up a plan against Luísa while her parents travel

In the next chapters of in the times of the emperor, Luisa (Mariana Ximenes) and Pedro (Selton Mello) will inform the princesses Isabel (Any Maia) and Leopoldine (Melissa Nóbrega) that they will be left out of the trip that the monarch will take with the Empress, Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella).

Dad?! Why did you change your mind?“, asks Isabel, very disappointed. The father tries to comfort them, but Luísa explains it firmly. “I spoke with Dom Pedro and argued that this trip would be very harmful to your education. So I decided that we are going to stay here and follow our lesson plan”, tells the Countess of Barral.

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The one who will be most angry with the change of plans will be Leopoldina, who will curse her witch’s father’s lover and say that he hates her in all words.

The two ended up crying until it was time for the mother and father to say goodbye. They hug Teresa strongly, who is moved and says: “I’ll miss you, bambinas!”, exclaims the Empress. Leopoldina is still trying to get around. “Are you sure we can’t go? we won’t give you work“, promises the girl.

But Teresa reaffirms the decision. “You cannot go so long without studying. Unfortunately the Countess… She knows what’s best for you, trust her”, asks the mother, knowing that her husband’s lover would go and things between the two could become even more intertwined.

Leopoldina, in turn, says he has a plan in mind against Luísa. “Let her wait for me“she says, whispering to her mother and sister.

Nos Tempos do Imperador is Globo’s six o’clock soap opera. Written by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, with the collaboration of Júlio Fischer, Duba Elia, Lalo Homrich, Mônica Sanches and Wendell Bendelack, it is directed by Alexandre Macedo, Caio Campos, Guto Arruda Botelho, Joana Antonaccio and Pablo Müller. The general direction is by João Paulo Jabur, with artistic direction by Vinícius Coimbra.

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