Luan Silva must not renew his contract with Palmeiras

Loaned by Vitória to Palmeiras until December, Luan Silva must not renew his contract with the club. After more than two years at Verdão and with just ten minutes on the four lines, the board should not give the 22-year-old striker another chance. The information was published by ‘ge’.

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Luan has been suffering from physical problems since even before arriving at Palmeiras, in March 2019. Without playing a full game since January 19, 2019, in the tie between Vitória and Moto Club, for the Northeast Cup, the young man arrived with an injury in his left knee, however, months later, he had to undergo a new operation on the site for a cartilage problem.

Recovered, he joined Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s squad in January 2020. However, on the day of his debut, in March, against Ferroviária, he suffered another injury, this time in the thigh muscle.

When he was returning to training, in August, and already projecting a possible sequence in the São Paulo champion team, a new problem in his knee, again in the cartilage, forced the boy to undergo surgery again. The third time in two years.

It is worth remembering that Luan was initially loaned by Vitória until May 2020. However, Palmeiras had renewed the bond by the end of the year and acquired 15% of the rights. Due to the sequence of physical problems, the board gave the athlete a new chance and renewed the bond until the end of 2021.

With the current scenario and taking into account the team’s philosophy of not opening the coffers, Luan should leave Palmeiras at the end of his loan in December with only ten minutes on the field in the 2020 São Paulo Championship.