Luciano Huck explains decision not to run in 2022 elections

Luciano Huck in an interview (photo: Reproduo/TV Globo)

In an interview with fantastic this Sunday (8/29), Lucian Huck he said he was interested in running for the 2022 presidential election and explained why he is no longer going. “I didn’t give up. I think I’m here, debuting the Sunday next week, what I had to do,” said the presenter.

Huck also talked about the book From door to door, released on the last 20th, which recounts his personal and television experiences.

“From the door in, there’s nothing more important than taking care of our own. The family, for me, is the most important thing. And, from the door out, how can we be more generous, less selfish, more thinking about the The whole ‘forest’? Life is not about what we put together, about what we mirror”, explained the new presenter of Sunday.

the interviewer Renata ceribelli took advantage of the hook left by the book and questioned the relationship of Lucian Huck with the elections and the national political scenario, preventing the presenter from dodging the question.

“You are not going to read a line of mine, anywhere, that I said I would be a candidate for anything, ever. I am in the public debate and I will continue in the public debate, if you ask my opinion on any subject, I will give you give. I have never launched a candidacy,” he said.

The communicator also said what would motivate him to launch a candidacy: “Obviously I thought about it [candidatura]. What made me think was a situation in which a country, which has enormous potential like Brazil, and enormous inequality like Brazil, I would love for it to be the country of the future, as we have always been told and that hasn’t happened to date. ”

Lucian he also explained that his decision to give up on the electoral dispute was not considered in advance, but it happened because as of September 5 he will be in front of the new Sunday

“I didn’t give up. I think being here, starting Sunday next week, what I had to do, organic, what I know how to do, my contribution. The country is divided. If we think about it. It’s different, we are enemies, if we don’t like the same things, we don’t belong to the same group,” he added.