Luiz Bacci takes action with MC Kevin’s widow after barb exchange

Luiz Bacci
Luiz Bacci appears with MC Kevin’s widow on a date (Image: Reproduction – Instagram – Record / Editing – RD1)

Luiz Bacci showed that the disagreements with the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021), Deolane Calf, stayed in the past. He and his wife had a meeting with two other women in their apartment last Saturday (28).

The moment was registered and posted on social networks, where the two talked about their relationship. The journalist shared a photo with the lawyer on his Instagram feed and wrote “forget it”. The word was used a lot by MC Kevin.

In Stories published by Deolane, Luiz Bacci also appears preparing drinks, singing and talking to the other two women who were there. “Look at me and my best friend! And this friendship?“, joked Deolane in the recordings of stories.

It is worth remembering that the relationship between the Record presenter and the singer’s widow has gone through ups and downs. The two even exchanged barbs after Cidade Alerta reported that a man who would be the lawyer’s boyfriend had been arrested.

On the occasion, Deolane Bezerra went to social media and detonated the famous. “A person with whom I was involved thirteen years ago was arrested today, I was only twenty years old”, initiated the widow of the funkeiro. “I don’t know why they want to tarnish my image, my reputation so badly,” he added.

Revolted, she continued with the outburst: “I went to the police station, yes, to make a police report because the information that was being linked about me is lies.”

Afterwards, still in the stories of the social network, Deolane Bezerra was direct in her message to the presenter of Cidade Alerta. “Dear Luiz Bacci, do not link me to your information, especially when it is untrue. The report I did is not about the person who was arrested today”, she fired.

Weeks later, Bacci even defended the lawyer. In Instagram Stories, he stated: “A friend called attention to Deolane’s look and thought Kevin’s fiancée’s grief was short-lived.” The holder of Cidade Alerta, then, continued with a vengeance:

“I have my disagreements with Deolane, but I’m in favor of her getting on with her life, going strong also on the internet, and finally. You have to be happy”.

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