Magisk continues to be updated and receiving news, developer reveals

Magisk is a well-known tool among Android users that allows you to unlock root access features, a function that allows you to unlock super user features on the smartphone and access various system modules, being possible to enable options that are not present natively on the smartphone. operational system.

According to the creator of the project, John Wu, Magisk will continue to be developed and receive updates even after being hired by Google, something that generated a lot of apprehension among Magisk users for allegedly creating a ‘conflict of interest’ with the Android developer company.

The statement was posted on their official Magisk blog, also stating that the tool should receive some changes soon, but that it will remain available. Wu also pointed out that the feature is open source, so other developers can create similar alternatives as well.

Among the services that will continue to be updated is MagiskHide, a tool that allows you to hide changes made on Android from the system. For now there is no information about the features that should be added in the next updates, details that should be revealed soon.

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