Manaus will have 36 vaccination points against Covid this Tuesday

Manaus/AM – The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues, this Tuesday, 31, in the capital of Amazonas, in 36 service points coordinated by the Manaus City Hall, spread across all geographic areas, which will be ready to receive the the public who will take the second dose of the vaccine and also people who are 12 years of age or older, and who have not yet started the vaccination schedule.

Five strategic points of great flow (Phelippe Daou Mall, Sambadrome, Studio 5, Sesi-Clube do Trabalhador and Padre Pedro Vignola Coexistence Center) will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and another 31 municipal health units, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm . At strategic points, the Municipal Health Department (Semsa) will provide first and second doses (AstraZeneca, CoronaVac and Pfizer), while at health facilities will be offered exclusively the second dose of AstraZeneca.

Those who are in the interval between the two currently recommended doses should look for any of the 36 points of vaccination, that is, those who took the first dose of the immunizing CoronaVac 28 days or more ago; those who were vaccinated with AstraZenca 56 days or more ago; and those who received the first dose of Pfizer 84 days or more ago. Following guidance from the Ministry of Health, the deadline for the second dose of AstraZeneca was reduced from 84 to 56 days, a reference period that was adopted by the municipality last Saturday, 28.

To get vaccinated, it is only necessary to present an original identification document, with a photo, the CPF and the vaccination card with the registration of the first dose. Whoever is taking the second dose of AstraZeneca and prefers it, can choose the health unit closest to home, there are eight units in the North, eight in the South, eleven in the East and four in the West.

Anyone over 12 years old and, for some reason, hasn’t been vaccinated with the first dose should also go to one of the vaccination sites. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years of age and must present three mandatory documents: original ID with photo or birth certificate; CPF or National Card of SUS; and proof of residence with a copy.

Vaccination locations – 8/31

Strategic Points

Shopping Phelippe Daou

Avenida Camapuã, 2939 – Cidade de Deus

Pedestrian only

State Center for Family Coexistence Father Pedro Vignola

Rua Gandu, 119 – Cidade Nova

Pedestrian only

Studio – Convention Center

Avenida Rodrigo Otávio, 3.555 – Industrial District I

Pedestrian only

Sesi – Worker’s Club

Avenida Cosme Ferreira, 7,399 – São José Operário

Pedestrian point and drive-thru


Avenida Pedro Teixeira, 2,565 – Dom Pedro

Pedestrian point and drive-thru

Basic Health Units

North Zone

Carlson Grace Family Clinic

Avenida Curaçao, s/nº, set Cidadão V – Nova Cidade

Carmen Nicolau Family Clinic

Rua Santa Tereza D’Ávila, s/nº – Lago Azul

UBS Balbina Master

Rua Major Silvério J. Nery, 170, nucleus 3 – Cidade Nova

UBS Balbina Master

Rua Major Silvério Nery, 170 – nucleus 3 – Cidade Nova

UBS Salvio Belota

Rua Samambaia, 786 – Santa Etelvina

UBS Friar Valério

Rufino de Elizalde Street (former Bom Jesus Street), s/nº – Novo Israel

UBS Armando Mendes

Rua das Aragarças, 786, complex. Manoa – Cidade Nova

UBS Arthur Virgil

Tray 10, 3.015 – Amazonino Mendes

José Antônio da Silva Polyclinic

Travessa Aroeira do Campo, 55 – Monte das Oliveiras

South Zone

Dr. Antônio Reis Family Clinic

Rua São Lázaro, s/nº – São Lázaro

USF Morro da Liberdade

Rua São Benedito, s/nº – Morro da Liberdade

UBS Vicente Pallotti

Rua Apurinã, 279 – Praça 14 de Janeiro

UBS Petropolis

Rua Delfim de Souza, s/nº – Petrópolis

South-Central Zone

Castelo Branco Polyclinic

Rua do Comércio, s/nº – 10 de Novembro Park

UBS San Francisco

Rua Rodolfo Valle, s/nº – San Francisco

UBS Luiz Montenegro

Rua Pico das Águas, 527- Nossa Senhora das Graças

UBS Theomário Pinto da Costa

Travessa 2 de Agosto, s/nº – Bairro da União

East zone

USF Alfredo Campos

Avenida Cosme Ferreira, s/nº – Zumbi dos Palmares

USF Amazonas Palhano

Rua Antônio Matias, s/nº – São José Operário

USF Leonor Brilliant

Avenida Autaz Mirim, s/nº – Tancredo Neves

USF Silas Santos

Rua Guaporé, s/nº, Castanheiras – Gilberto Mestrinho

USF Gebes Medeiros

Rua Pirarucu, 100 – Jorge Teixeira

Geraldo Magela UBS

Rua Rio Envira, 442 – Armando Mendes

UBS Guilherme Alexandre

Rua Nova República, 575 – Colonia Antônio Aleixo

UBS Platão Araújo

Rua Barroso, s/nº – Puraquequara

USF Ivone Lima

Rua Luís Corrente, s/nº, Ouro Verde – Coroado complex

UBS Lake of Aleixo

Rua Raoul Follereau, 112 – Colonia Antônio Aleixo

UBS New Hope

Rua Nova Esperança, s/nº – Colonia Antônio Aleixo

West Zone

Dr. Djalma Batista Polyclinic

Rua Teotônio Vilela, s/nº – Compensa II

Dr. Raimundo Franco de Sá Family Clinic

Rua Virgílio Ferreira, 112-120 – Alvorada

UBS Leonor de Freitas

Avenida Brasil, s/nº – Compensa II

UBS Deodato de Miranda Leão

Avenida Presidente Dutra, s/nº – Glória