Mauro Cezar analyzes the possibility of David Luiz joining Flamengo – 08/31/2021

Even with the window for international transfers to Brazilian football closed, Flamengo may still have a strong reinforcement following the season, as they await the situation of defender David Luiz, who recently left Arsenal and is without a contract, but still has the possibility of playing for Benfica, Portugal, where he would dispute the Champions League.

In your participation in the UOL News Sport, Mauro Cezar Pereira analyzes the situation with David Luiz and says that Flamengo will be in the match in case there is no agreement between the player and Benfica, since competing with a European club at the moment becomes unfeasible due to the value of the euro.

“David Luiz asked Flamengo for a few days and, coincidence or not, of course it’s not a coincidence, Benfica asked David Luiz for another day, that is, today, the last day of the month, from the European window to eventually make a proposal, they didn’t reach an agreement between what the player wants and Benfica can pay, but it may be that Benfica still presents a proposal and it may also not, that they do the math and leave David Luiz to there,” says Mauro Cezar.

“If that happens, Flamengo has a chance, because Flamengo isn’t competing with Benfica, it’s not able to compete with Benfica, the euro is R$6.12 or R$6.15, it’s impossible. So any proposal that a European club makes, it’s very easy to get the better of an arm wrestling match with a South American, Brazilian club, whatever, in terms of money, salary, remuneration”, he adds.

The journalist mentions that Flamengo’s strategy is similar to that used by the club when negotiating the hiring of Filipe Luís, as an opportunity to appear well playing in Brazil and also to change the image that was damaged in the country with 7-1 in the World Cup. World 2014.

“If he does not have any seductive proposal and Benfica, which would be the most interesting option for him, does not reach a consensus with their agents, their representatives, then Flamengo will try, already trying to convince the athlete to play here, as it was with Filipe Luís, for example, which is that thing about you coming back to Brazil, being able to write a story in Brazilian football, which practically doesn’t exist, David left here too young, like Filipe Luís too,” says Mauro .

“In the case of David Luiz, maybe change the image that some of the Brazilian fans have of him, which I think is an injustice, with him and all the players of the 2014 World Cup because of the 7-1, which I put 100% in the account of coaching staff, the players were victims of a super poorly assembled team,” he adds.

He also points out that the need to close with the defender is due to the sequence of injuries to Rodrigo Caio, who is the main player in the red-black squad in the position, but who embezzled the team numerous times due to physical issues.

“Flamengo is even more interested in the player because Rodrigo Caio is injured. Unfortunately for Flamengo, the main defender has had a season in which he spends practically all his time in the medical department and then the need for a better quality player makes if he’s bigger and he’s the guy who’s available, and he can close at any time, it’s important to explain that, he’s out of a contract. Willian, for example, terminated with Arsenal to settle with Corinthians, David Luiz is free market,” he concludes.