Maverick is confirmed by Ford to compete with Toro in 2022 – 08/30/2021

With an eye on the growing pickup market, Ford has confirmed the arrival of Maverick in Brazil, scheduled to debut in the first half of 2022. The model will arrive to directly rival the leader Fiat Toro in the medium/compact size.

The announcement of Maverick’s arrival was made by Daniel Justo, president of Ford South America, who highlighted the unique characteristics of the vehicle and its importance in strengthening the brand’s product portfolio in the region.

“The arrival of Maverick is another launch within our strategy of working with the pillars on which Ford is successful in the world, with an innovative and connected product. The loyalty and attraction of new customers is another essential point in the company’s strategy, supported by the quality of products and services and the increasing use of connectivity,” says Daniel.

Ford will position Maverick as a gateway to the pickup lineup, as an alternative for sedan and SUV customers. “Maverick is an innovative pickup, without a doubt, a Ford Ra├ža Forte pickup”, highlights the executive. “It is surprising for its versatility, both in the interior and in the bucket, for its size, design, technology and handling. In the tests we carried out here, everyone was impressed with the product.”

In the United States, Maverick had pre-sales started in June and is already a success, with more than 100,000 reservations, 36,000 of which in the first week alone.

The name Maverick, in English, means independent, innovative and was used in the sports coupe that became an icon of the 70s in Brazil and the United States. The similarity, however, is restricted to the name, as they are vehicles with totally different concepts.


The Ford model has measures similar to those of the Toro: it ties in width (1.84 m) and height (1.74 m), but gains in length by 13 centimeters with its 5.07 meters and in the wheelbase 8 cm longer (3.07 m against 2.99 m for Toro). Compared to the Ranger, for example, the Maverick is about a foot shorter in length.

This visibly larger size of Maverick was inspired by its more successful sister, the F-150. The styling of the front, with “C” headlamps and split grille, closely resembles the best-selling pickup truck.


The new Ford Maverick in the US is available in three configurations, XL, XLT and Lariat, which share the same 2.5 hybrid engine. The combustion engine is capable of developing up to 164 horsepower and 21.4 kgfm of torque, working in combination with an electric 128 hp and 23.9 kgfm of torque. According to the brand, the combined power reaches 193 hp, with CVT transmission and front-wheel drive.

There is also the option of the 2.0 EcoBoost turbo engine, which develops a good 253 horsepower and 38.3 kgfm of torque, associated with an automatic transmission of eight speeds and all-wheel drive. This is the most likely set for the Brazilian market at the start, following the same strategy as the Bronco.


Regarding on-board technology, Toro prepared well for the arrival of the modern Ford pickup. Fiat modernized the interior of its utility, promoting wireless connectivity in the cabin and even remotely through an app. Maverick will have it all too, based on what we saw in Bronco. So, in this regard, the rivals are well matched.