MC Mirella Evaluates Open Relationship and Reveals Powerful Sex Toy: ‘Sex Machine’; watch

It comes with a whip, handcuffs, a climber’s rope… A bad Mi tá on fire! kkkkkk Mirella released the verb for Matheus Mazzafera’s channel this Sunday (29). As a joke, the funkeira had to answer “yes” or “no” to the questions, and if she didn’t want to comment, she would have to turn a shot. One of the presenter’s questions was whether she had any erotic toys. And the ex-pean not only said yes, but she also has an arsenal, including a sex machine. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

“I buy everything online, this machine has a part that sticks, you can put it wherever you want, on the wall, on the floor… It also has a prosthesis. Then you do the sexual position you want and in this you increase the speed. You can even change the size of the dentures”, explained the funkeira to Mazzafera. My people, technology is advanced, right? hahahahaha

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Asked if her husband, Dynho Alves, has any problem with the toys, Mi said that the singer doesn’t mind, but prefers that they be used in the couple’s intimate moments: “There was one time I left one in the bathroom and he went to take a shower and said: ‘Mirella, let’s do it in the bathroom, man. Am I obligated to see these things?’ But he’s good, he doesn’t question me about using it, he just gets a little scared when he sees [os acessórios]“.

How is this machine that Mirella said she has? (Photo: Reproduction/Youtube)

Also during the conversation, the singer evaluated whether she would accept an open relationship. “So, it depends on the person, I would take it well. But not today. We have something really crazy, me and Dynho, so it can’t happen”, declared. Check out the interview:

Mirella was even asked if she hooked up with someone famous in secrecy and never told. The ex-Power Couple said yes, but would not reveal who it was. In time, in an interview this month to “PodDarPrado”, a podcast by Gabi Prado, MC delivered that she stayed with Neymar. She confirmed the story, but fired that, so far, this was a little secret between the two. The singer also gave details about the stay, and told whether the boy Ney is doing well or not.

Since Neymar already spoke, it was a secret, he spoke before me, so now I can speak. Yes, we are already“, said Mirella when asked about the matter. “Just me who never caught Neymar? What’s happening?“, joked Prado, asking the football player to get in touch with her. “Neymar is a catcher, right? Handle! You can go in faith. I think you will like“, replied the funkeira, implying that the roll was good. Watch:

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