MC Mirella on sex toys: ‘I even have a sex machine’ | celebrities

MC Mirella reproduction

Posted 30/08/2021 14:39 | Updated 08/30/2021 2:45 PM

After revealing his intention to participate in “BBB”, MC Mirella, 23, said last Sunday that he has some sex toys at home, including a sex machine. “I buy everything online, this machine has a part that sticks, you can put it wherever you want, on the wall, on the floor, it also has a prosthesis. Then you do it like this [posição sexual] and in this one you increase the speed. You can even change the size of the prostheses”, confessed the funkeira in participation in Mateus Mazzafera’s channel.

Asked how her husband, Dynho Alves, deals with the fact that she likes sex toys, Mirella recalled a situation. “When I’m with him it’s not cool, but without him there’s no problem. Once I left the machine in the bathroom and he went to take a shower, he said: ‘Mirella, this is in the bathroom, man. these things?’ But he’s good, he doesn’t question me about me using it, but he’s kind of like that [assustado] when he sees it,” continued Mirella.

During the chat, the singer also talked about the possibility of entering into an open relationship. “So, it depends on the person. If I didn’t date Dynho… with other people I would take it well, but today, with Dynho, we have something very crazy, so it can’t happen.” Finally, MC Mirella was even asked if she would go six months without sex. In response, the funkeira thought the time was too long to be abstinent. “Three is possible, but six… is too much.”