MC Mirella says he has a “sex machine” in his house; understand!

After revealing how much you earn for the content on your OnlyFans profile, MC Mirella he affirmed his taste for sex toys by revealing that he has a “sex machine” in his house. In video for the channel Matheus Massafera, she also told what her husband Dynho Alves think about it.

(Photo: Instagram/@mirella)

“I buy everything online, this machine you can hang wherever you want, it sticks. You can stick to the wall, the floor, and do various positions. You increase the speeds and you can also change the prostheses, leave the size you want”, he explained Mirella.

According to her, Dynho Alves he doesn’t mind that she uses the toys, but prefers not to see them: “When I’m with him it’s not nice, but without him there’s no problem”.

“There was a time when I left the machine in the bathroom and he went to take a shower, he said: ‘Mirella this here in the bathroom, man. Am I obligated to see these things?‘. But he’s good, he’s not questioning me about using it, but he’s kind of like that [assustado] when he sees”.

On video, Matheus Massafera also questioned Mirella about open relationships. She said she already had, but she wouldn’t have with Dynho.

“If I didn’t date the Dynho, because with him it’s a very big obsession, he’s the only person I’ve ever liked. With other people I’d accept it well, I’ve had it, but today, with Dynho, we have something very crazy, so it can’t happen“.

In addition, she said how long she could take without sex: “Three is possible, but six is ​​too many”, she declared, referring to the time she spent on the reality show “A Fazenda” on Record TV.

Watch the full video below:

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