Meet Jhon Sánchez: Vasco’s reinforcement is fast, skittish, but needs space to show up | Vasco

The Vasco supporter woke up on Monday with news very early: the club announced the hiring of Ecuadorian striker Jhon Sánchez, 22, who will be loaned for a year by Independiente del Valle, with the option to purchase definitively provided for at the end of the season. contract. It is a very skilled player, fast, but who needs space to deliver his maximum.

Revealed by Manta FC, a very young club (founded in 1998) that currently plays in the Second Division in Ecuador, Jhon arrived at Independiente del Valle still in the youth category. In 2018, it was transferred to Alianza Cotopaxi, a club located in the city of Latacunga that works as a sort of B team for Del Valle.

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The beginning of his career as a professional at Independiente del Valle took place in 2019, the year in which he emerged and was one of the main players in the campaign that culminated in the title of the Sudamericana. Today at Charlotte FC of the United States, Miguel Ángel Ramírez was his coach on that team.

“Jhon is a very good boy, serious and responsible. But he needs support and affection to be able to perform at a high level. He needs to feel important, valued”, he told the ge the Spanish coach.

Jhon Sáncez (middle) chats with Miguel Ángel Ramírez at Independiente del Valle — Photo: JUAN MABROMATA / AFP

– He is excessively fast, attacks spaces very well. It only has more difficulty in short spaces, because the first domain is not very good, there is no one against good in short spaces or dribbling. He needs space, then he really stands out – completed Ramírez, adding that “a more physical and less technical game is beneficial to him”, as is often the case in the B Series of Brasileirão.

In the 2019 South American campaign, Jhon Sánchez scored three goals: one in the quarterfinals against Independiente, one in the semifinal against Corinthians and the other in the final against Colón. The last two were similar and underline the characteristic that is the point attacker’s strength: the one shot from the left side, always carrying it to the middle to be able to finish with the right leg, the famous diagonal.

In the group stage of last year’s Libertadores, Sánchez scored a lyric goal against Flamengo, the team’s fourth in the 5-0 rout in Ecuador. In all, he played 94 matches with the Del Valle shirt and scored 10 goals. (See the goals against Flamengo and Corinthians in the video that opens the article).

Sánchez (right, blond hair) celebrates goal against Flamengo last year for Independiente del Valle — Photo: FRANKLIN JACOME / POOL / AFP

“There’s a lot of projection in the attack”

Mainly based on his great season in 2019, Sánchez was called up by the Ecuador national team for the Pre-Olympic in January 2020. He played in all four first-phase matches, but the team ended up being defeated in every game (against Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and Argentina) and did not get a place for the Olympics.

The striker had been widely used at Del Valle until Miguel Ángel Ramírez left for Internacional. Under the command of the Portuguese Renato Paiva, he lost space – the last game he went to the field was in the victory over Aucas on August 14, in the Ecuadorian Championship, when he almost entered the second-half stoppage time.

– He’s a very skillful player, he’s a winger on the right, has speed and a lot of output at the end. His characteristic is to win in the last third of the field and reach the opposite leg, doing the diagonals. Sánchez has a lot of projection in attack, he is an interesting player – describes journalist Braian Avalos, from Ecuadorian radio station “Mundo Deportivo”.

– Today he lost space at Independiente, not because he is a bad player or because he doesn’t have good conditions, but the others are ahead, they are at an exceptional level – he added.

Jhon Sánchez celebrates goal scored in the 2019 South American final between Independiente del Valle and Colón — Photo: NORBERTO DUARTE / AFP

For the journalist, Sánchez is only indebted when they demand dedication to marking.

– When playing as a marker, it costs a little to do this recomposition, that’s what weighs against him. He doesn’t have much of that characteristic of defending, but from halfway down the field, he’s very skillful. I consider him a great player – concluded.

Sánchez is one of the reinforcements requested by Lisca for Serie B. The coach requested up to three signings to help in the project to make Vasco return to Serie A.