Meteor explodes over Piauí and pieces may have reached the ground in the region of Valença

Residents of several states in the Northeast, including Piauí, saw the passage of a meteor last Saturday night (28). In some cities it was possible to register a flash in the sky. The phenomenon was spotted by cameras from the Clima Ao Vivo website in several cities in the region (video at the end of the article).

In Teresina, the camera circuit of a house located in the Lourival Parente neighborhood, in the South Zone, also captured the moment when the meteor passed, at 18:54. Self-employed Armando Ceres was with his wife on the terrace of his house when he witnessed the phenomenon. (See video above).

“I saw it at the time it happened. Then I pulled the images from the cameras and had it recorded. My wife spoke of a star, a meteor, something falling,” he said.

According to the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network, Bramon, the meteor was of the bolide type, with luminous characteristics and that usually ends in an explosive way. There is a possibility that fragments have reached the ground in the region close to Valença do Piauí.

“It occurs when a fragment of space rock, also called a meteoroid, hits the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, causing atmospheric gases to warm up, which generates the luminous phenomenon. Depending on the size of the meteoroid and other physical factors, in addition to shine intensely, it can reach the lower and denser layers of the atmosphere, where the resistance of the air ends up causing the rock to fragment and generate a shock wave, which can be felt on the ground as an explosion noise,” Bramon said. .

According to Bramon, the meteoroid reached the Earth’s atmosphere at an angle of 35.3°, in relation to the ground, and began to shine at an altitude of 67.3 km over the Pimenteiras Rural Zone, in Piauí. It followed at 60.2 thousand km/h, covering 74.7 km in 4.5 seconds, and disappeared at 24.1 km of altitude, over the municipality of Lagoa do Sítio, also in Piauí.

“BRAMON is working on calculating the meteoroid’s mass and determining the dispersion area of ​​possible meteorites,” he informed.

See images from other cities in the Northeast

Herlon Moraes
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