Minister of Agriculture announces program to preserve water resources on rural properties

This Monday, 30, the Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina, announced exclusively to the Rural Channel that, next month, a program will be launched to encourage rural producers to preserve existing water resources on their properties.

Named “Agricultural Waters”, public policy must also cover the conservation of soil and riparian vegetation. “Since rural producers have almost 25% of all native vegetation within their properties, now we are going to encourage and implement policies for the preservation of water and soil within the properties”, explains the minister.

The program must present strategies to be adopted by the producer, such as contour lines that prevent the formation of erosion in the soil and siltation. The minister did not say whether credit lines should be made available for improvements or technical assistance services to farmers and ranchers.

water crisis

The concern with water absorption from soils and water protection finds an even more favorable context given the worst water crisis in the country in the last 91 years. For Tereza Cristina, despite being serious, the shortage of fresh water should not make irrigation activities unfeasible.

“It’s worrying… Irrigation really is what suffers the most, it can suffer. But ANA, the National Water Agency, has, for the time being, forecasts that the problem is more in energy production than in irrigation. You have some places where people are already working to irrigate in a more punctual, more rationed way to be able to use this water, because everyone knows that we are living in this moment of drought”, he observes.

Photo: Rural Channel

The information provided by the minister is part of an exclusive interview that will be shown this Tuesday, 31, at 7:20 pm on Rural Channel.


In the interview, the head of Agriculture also mentioned the need to reallocate credit distributed in investment lines of the Plan Harvest 21/22, due to the exhaustion in some categories, mainly equalized resources.

The minister also said that she awaits confirmation of R$1.3 billion for the Subsidy Program for the Rural Insurance Premium (PSR) in 2022. The Executive Branch has until tomorrow to deliver the Budget Law project for next year to the National Congress.

This month, the PSR was classified as a mandatory expense for next year’s union budget. As it is “mandatory”, the transfer of resources to the program cannot be reduced or restricted throughout the year – which is currently seen as a difficulty for the PSR. In 2020, it was announced that the program would have R$1 billion, but only R$881 million were actually delivered.