Molica: Nunes Marques’ decision on motoboy causes strangeness in CPI members

In this Tuesday’s Freedom of Opinion (31), journalist Fernando Molica analyzed the decision of Minister Kassio Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court, who accepted the request of the defense of motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva, from VTCLog, not to testify to the CPI of the Pandemic.

The top of the inquiry commission appealed to the Supreme, saying that the majority of the collegiate members “received with absolute surprise and perplexity” the decision.

“This decision was already expected. On Sunday, I spoke with senator Randolfe Rodrigues and he said that there was this possibility”, said the journalist. “Nunes Marques, until now the only minister in the Supreme who was appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro, is a minister who, in general, has all his decisions aligned with the Planalto Palace.”

“I spoke with senator Alessandro Vieira and he classified Nunes Marques’ decision as ‘strange’. This is because there is already a decision of the STF, a few years ago, which says that a person investigated in a police investigation has the right to remain silent and even not go, since the interrogation of an accused is considered a defense,” he continued Molica

“But in the case of Ivanildo, the motorcycle courier, he is not investigated and he would not be — he is a witness. Alessandro Vieira himself confirmed this. He is not standing as a witness as a way to force himself to speak the truth. He is really a witness, because he was appointed as the person who transported millions and millions of reais, made withdrawals from the cashier and took it to his company.”

“This decision by Minister Nunes Marques is strange because of this characteristic. If he were investigated, ok, he would have the right not to appear, but he is really a witness, it is not a strategy of the CPI”, pointed out Molica.

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Fernando Molica in Freedom of Opinion / CNN Brasil (31.Aug.2021)

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