Monique Evans says she hasn’t been to the beach in years: ‘It doesn’t happen anymore

Monique Evans, 65-year-old actress and presenter, commented on how she deals with aesthetic pressures in an interview with Marie Claire. The carioca stated that she ended up depriving herself of activities such as going to the beach due to the charge:

Going to the beach has not been happening for many years. I wanted not to be known to put on a cheesy bathing suit, tangle myself in the sand. I miss the beach of yesteryear, without paparazzi. They are nice, but they get the cellulite, the fat. Beth Faria went to the beach once and they ended it. […] People charge us for a body that we no longer have, so they feel attacked because we are the age we are. I don’t want to go through this. Monique Evans

The presenter recalled how people reacted after admitting, at the height of her modeling career in the 1980s, to having had plastic surgery.

“I was the first to assume that I had breasts and it was a heck, a scandal. A lot of people did, but no one assumed. I messed with my hair a lot, I was a chameleon, they saw me as a robot,” she said.

Now, at 65, Monique says she is not vain:

I don’t use creams, I just take care not to have white roots in my hair and I’m always fragrant. Every six months I do Botox. My belly is saggy and the pandemic has given me 15 kilos. I’m looking to lose weight, but I’m not crazy. It’s no use straightening your belly if you have your arm, your leg. To ‘fix’ everything, I’m lazy and don’t want to feel pain. […] I was a gymnast. In my early 50s I had the most beautiful body of my life. But then came the depression, the medications and I spent four years without working out, then I was never able to recover. Monique Evans

Despite ruling out surgical procedures, the actress does not criticize those who opt for them. “If you think you’re ugly, do it, scold. Gretchen has an amazing body, perfect legs, arms, belly. I think it’s important to look pretty for yourself. Don’t wear a nightgown all day, apply a concealer even if no one else does. go see you, because at some point you will see yourself in the mirror,” he said.

Monique also said that he is planning a trip to Bahia with his girlfriend, DJ Cacá Werneck, and there he intends to visit deserted beaches. “On a beach with no one I’ll even go topless,” she said.