Moral harassment: Public Ministry of Labor requests immediate removal of Sérgio Camargo from Fundação Palmares | Federal District

The Public Civil Action, filed last Friday (27) and released this Monday (30), will be judged by the 21st Labor Court of Brasília.

O G1 he was unable to speak with Sérgio Camargo or the Palmares Foundation until the last update of this article. On a social network, he wrote: “Based on what, idiots? Liar testimonies of traitors and militants that I did very well in exonerating/firing? Let there be patience!” In another post, he wrote: “Moral harassment is the brioco of those who accuse me!”

The MPT also requires that Fundação Palmares “does not allow, submit or tolerate the exposure of workers to acts of psychological harassment practiced by any of its managers, in addition to charging, within 180 days, a diagnosis of the psychosocial work environment, carried out by a professional in the field of social psychology”.

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The Public Ministry of Labor also asks that the Palmares Foundation and President Sérgio Camargo be sentenced, “by way of reparation for collective moral damages, in the amount of R$ 200 thousand, to be paid jointly”.

Exclusive: president of Fundação Palmares is accused in court of moral harassment, discrimination and ideological persecution

Exclusive: president of Fundação Palmares is accused in court of moral harassment, discrimination and ideological persecution

One year of investigations

The investigations lasted a year and, according to the MPT-DF, 16 people were heard, including ex-employees, civil servants, commissioners and outsourced employees. Attorney Paulo Neto, author of the Public Civil Action, concluded that “there is political and ideological persecution, discrimination and disrespectful treatment by the President of the Palmares Foundation, Sérgio Nascimento de Camargo.”

“The testimonies are unified, fully proving the situations of fear, tension and stress experienced by the Foundation’s employees in the face of the reprehensible conduct of persecution for political conviction practiced by its President and the hostile treatment given by him to his subordinates”, says Paulo Neto.

For the prosecutor, the investigation proves that the manager “chases the workers he classifies as ‘leftists’, promoting a ‘climate of psychological terror’ within the institution.”

The nomination of Sérgio Camargo to the presidency of Fundação Cultural Palmares was made official on November 27, 2019 and generated a series of criticisms and indignation.

In a publication before being appointed to the position, the journalist classified racism in Brazil as “nutella”. “Real racism exists in the United States. The black people here complain because they are stupid and uninformed by the left,” he said.

He also posted, in August 2019, that “slavery was terrible, but beneficial to the descendants”. “Blacks from Brazil live better than blacks from Africa”, the publication completed.

On Black Consciousness Day, Sérgio Camargo stated that the “holiday needs to be abolished nationally by presidential decree”. He said the date “causes incalculable losses to the country’s economy, in the name of a false black hero (Zumbi dos Palmares, who enslaved blacks) and a political agenda that fuels historical revanchism and indoctrinates blacks into victimism.”

Sérgio published a message on a social network in which he said he “feels ashamed and disgusted by the militant black women”. “Sometimes, [sinto] pity. They think they are revolutionaries, but they are just slaves of the left,” he wrote.

On May 13, the anniversary of Lei Áurea, Sérgio Camargo published articles derogatory to Zumbi on the institution’s official website. On social networks, he said that Zumbi is “hero of the racialist left; not of the Brazilian people. We reject Zumbi!”

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