Mumuzinho opens the game and tells the real thing about the situation with his ex-wife

little mum
Mumuzinho and Thainá Fernandes ended their marriage in July (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

After a few months apart, little mum and Thainá Fernandes they decided to give love one more chance. According to the Extra newspaper, the two were seen exercising and swimming together in the Barra da Tijuca, at the Rio de Janeiro.

In conversation with Sonia Abrão, the singer spoke about the subject: “Yes, we are reconciling… Time is the best medicine for us to understand some things”.

“We gave this time, and we like each other. So, nothing more than giving love one more chance. Love is wonderful”, completed.

The samba dancer, who also spoke about the possibility of having a new wedding ceremony, said: “We are reconciling and love prevails”.

Despite what Mumuzinho said, the column by Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, revealed that Thainá has warned those closest to her that she is not thinking of returning with the singer.

Even the blonde, who deleted all the photos she had with him on her social networks, has been refusing her ex-husband’s calls.

Recently, at a concert, the singer surprised the audience by making it clear that he intends to reconnect with the influencer: “I’m going to tell you something, husband: we are experiencing a moment of freedom. Let the woman fly, let the woman grow. Oh, my blessing could hear it now, but I’m on purpose. God willing, she will come back, my blessing”.

For those who don’t know, Mumuzinho and Fernandes got married in August 2019, but in July this year they put an end to the relationship. At the time of the end, the famous man’s press office released a note about the separation:

“Unfortunately, our marriage came to an end. We were great companions throughout that time, we shared many special moments but, after a lot of conversation, we decided that we needed each one to go their own way”.

“The reason for our decision is that we realized that our relationship has turned into a beautiful friendship, no longer completing us as husband and wife. Our affection and respect for what we live, as well as for our families, will be eternal. We were very happy at this time and because of everything we have added to each other’s history, it makes us sure that we will always be connected”, completed.

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