Nego Di is a victim of racism in Porto Alegre and reports on the web

Former BBC Nego Di used social media to denounce a case of racism he suffered yesterday afternoon in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul, where he lives. The comedian and influencer confirmed that he opened a police report on the case and explained what happened.

”Today I came across a racist situation that happened to me. We’re never ready because, when it happens, it’s hard to believe. I was driving and there was a car in front of me that was blocking traffic, using both lanes during peak hours. I honked that horn, but when I passed the side of the car in front of me, the guy fired a truck of offenses at me,” he began in a video-recorded outburst.

First it started with some normal cursing, until he called me a monkey and a nigger of shit*. He was talking a lot of business like that. I couldn’t believe I was listening to that. My first reaction was to slow down, it made me want to do so much at the time… I started to get irritated and wondered what I was going to do.

He continued: “I decided to stop the car later, and the guy stopped too. I wanted to get the license plate, get a better look at his face. The guy tried to run away, but I went around and found him again. . He was on his cell phone talking to someone. In the end, I managed to get his face and the license plate. Thank God, I didn’t lose my reason and did something worse, but I confess that it’s a situation that spoils our day”.

Despite having gone to the authorities to open the police report, Nego Di stated that he does not believe that the case will be investigated, and that is why he took the decision to expose the situation publicly. ”I’ve been through this many on social media and let it go, but actually, I think we have to do something. Can’t let it go. I just made a police report and I’m going to expose this person, his face. It’s probably not going to lead to anything, but I didn’t want to let it go,” he said.