Neto criticizes Brusque for a note about Celsinho: ‘They should be banned’

TV Band presenter and commentator, Neto was quite incisive when criticizing Brusque for the club’s official statement denying the case of racism denounced by midfielder Celsinho, from Londrina, during a confrontation between the teams for the Series B of the Brazilian Championship, last Saturday (28 ).

The former player stated that Brusque’s attitude deserves serious punishment, such as a ban on Series B of the Brazilian Championship and considered that the club’s official statement shames fans and players linked to the institution.

“What did Brusque do in the note in relation to Celsinho, who is a wonderful boy… You should be banned from the championship. Not from history. And if the people who sponsor you think the same way, customers choose where to buy, and you have to see who is good for you,” declared Neto at Os Donos da Bola, today.

“What did you do with Celsinho, wanting to put him as wrong because he said he was called a ‘monkey’ – and he was. The note you made is more or less what happens in this disgraced country in relation to people, to clubs and no one takes action. The grade is worse than what the guy said, in my understanding,” he said.

“What you’ve done is a disgrace to the team, to the fans, to everyone. I don’t hold the majority of Brusque’s fans responsible. But the note is embarrassing to all of us. note, apologize. If this country were serious, you would not play in Series B anymore,” he concluded.