newspaper reveals Real Madrid attack on PSG in Mbappé case

After numerous proposals and negotiation attempts, the attacker Kylian Mbappe must even stay in the Paris Saint-Germain. However, the Real Madrid has its ‘cold revenge’ on the French team underway, according to the daily AT, from Spain.

As anticipated last Monday by Rodrigo Fáez, from ESPN, Real Madrid should announce this Tuesday (31), the last day of the transfer market in Spain, the arrival of midfielder Eduardo Camavinga, from Rennes, France, for 30 million euros (about R$ 183 million). The player’s contract would run until 2026.

Camavinga’s move to Real Madrid would be a ‘hard blow’ from Florentino Pérez to Paris Saint-Germain, as the midfielder would be the French team’s last foray to close the squad and give Pochettino the much-requested midfielder from arrival to attack.

In addition to Camavinga, another option was Paul Pogba, who was more consolidated in the Manchester United and with low possibility of leaving the club. The signing of Camavinga would be a contrary response to the denials received by Real Madrid by Mbappé.

The Spanish press pointed out until Monday that Real Madrid had reached its limit to offer 170 million euros, more than R$1 billion, for Mbappé. However, PSG demanded an offer of 200 million euros, R$1.2 billion, which should not happen, keeping Mbappé in the French team.