No envy! Galvão Bueno explains controversy and praises Band after being questioned for criticizing Formula 1

With Formula 1 outside Globo, Galvão Bueno used social media to criticize the direction of Formula 1 that allowed the race after almost three hours of stoppage. In the publication’s comments, many Internet users pointed out a possible ‘envy’ or ‘scumbag’ to the category due to the fact that Globo no longer has the broadcasting rights.

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– The decision of the F1 management at the Belgian GP is ridiculous. There was no race because the heavy rain did not allow it. And after almost three hours of waiting, three laps were “false”! Deceived the public and viewers – he said on Sunday.

Hours later, Galvão reappeared on the internet to explain the criticism and praise the Band’s transmission team, formed by former Globo colleagues Reginaldo Leme, Mariana Becker, Sérgio Mauricio, among others.

– Before there’s any misunderstanding: I’m still a F1 fan!! The work of the Band team is good!! Criticism is for the F1 direction!! – pointed out the narrator.

What happened:
The storm of biblical proportions that collapsed in Spa-Francorchamps this Sunday (29) prevented, in practice, the holding of the Belgian GP, ​​12th stage of the Formula 1 World Cup. conditions, extremely critical, from the time scheduled for the start of the dispute, at 10 am (GMT).

The red flag interrupted the first start procedure right at the beginning, and from then on there were more than three hours of waiting for the cars to return to the track. At this moment, the chronometer triggered a countdown of 60 minutes, and the race was considered valid from the moment when two laps were completed, behind the safety-car, when there was another interruption.

From then on, it was just a matter of waiting for the expected 60 minutes, but the race was officially closed even before that. For security reasons, there was no way a real race could be run. The FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) disregarded the possibility of transferring the stage to the second stage and then considered the Belgian GP as concluded.