Nunes Marques authorizes motorcycle courier not to attend the CPI of the Pandemic

Minister Kassio Nunes Marques, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), granted the request of motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva not to testify to the CPI on the Pandemic this Tuesday (31).

According to the motoboy’s defense, Silva’s summons to the CPI was made illegally when investigating actions that took place before the period stipulated by the commission. She also argues that the indictment was supposedly based on just one press story.

The senators are investigating irregularities in a R$ 18 million contract between the Ministry of Health and VTCLog, the company responsible for transporting supplies such as medicines and vaccines.

In addition, Ivanildo’s name is mentioned in a report by the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) which points out suspicious transactions of R$ 117 million by the company in the last two years. He would have withdrawn, at various times, the amount of R$ 4.7 million, the majority being in cash.

In his decision, Nunes Marques stressed that, if Silva decides to testify, he has the right to silence, the right not to be subjected to a commitment to tell the truth, to be accompanied by a lawyer and not to be a victim of embarrassment.

With information from the Senate Agency