Nutritionist Day, the professional vigilant of our healthy life

A professional who helps us achieve better quality of life, who works with health promotion, using his knowledge in various areas to ensure that everyone is more aware of healthy eating; It is the nutritionist who determines how the patient will be nourished, respecting their entire pathological context.

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It is this professional who also evaluates laboratory tests that have to do with nutritional behavior, and who sees the patient’s symptoms and everything that has to be taken into account for this nutrition, including whether he is able to eat orally, or need to be supplemented by another route.

And today, August 31st, is his day, the nutritionist, the vigilant professional in our lives. The date was chosen in honor of the creation of the Brazilian Association of Nutritionists (ABN), which took place in 1949. Later, ABN was replaced by the Brazilian Federation of Nutritionists and, later, by the Brazilian Association of Nutrition (Asbran).

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The Nutritionist can act in the most diverse market segments. From hospitals, schools, gyms, to private clinics. And the Site Eu Vi em Linhares brings the competent and amiable Amanda Tesch de Oliveira highlighted to brilliantly represent this so important professional.

“Through nutrition, I seek to recover people’s self-esteem, helping them to find their best version, providing health and well-being. In addition, I seek to teach everyone the good relationship we should have with food, showing that it is not necessary to go through restrictive diets to achieve good results”, she said, who continued:

“On the contrary, food should be light, efficient and pleasant”, adds Amanda. And she invites you to check it out up close, with assistance at Clínica Modela, at Rua João Eurico Pandolfi, No. 2, in the Juparanã neighborhood.

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It is valid for Linhares, Sooretama, Rio Bananal or wherever you want to prove the Note 10. The contact telephone number is 27 99991-4070. And Amanda also works at the Energy Academy, on Avenida Presidente Costa e Silva n° 3, in the BNH neighborhood, whose contact number is 27 99625-8525. Instagram: @nutriamandatech

By Ketully Fernandes. Follow @ketully.fernandes

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