Oh, how crazy! Narcissa speaks to herself during live with Maitê Proença

“Ah, Catarina’s account” is a phrase that is already on the tip of Internet users’ tongues. Last Saturday (8/28), the channel Ai que Loucura, by Narcisa Tamborindeguy, had the actress Maitê Proença as a guest and the meeting yielded memes on the internet due to connection problems.

During the chat, Maitê disconnected from the live, but without understanding the disappearance of the actress, Narcissa sometimes tried to continue the interview, even without the presence of the guest. Quickly, her team notified her of the problem and she countered, “Can I go to the bathroom quick? You’re listening to me, aren’t you?”. Embarrassed, she disguises: “I’m in the air waiting for Maitê to come back, says Catarina”.


@metropolesofficial Due to technical problems, #maitêproença disconnected from the live and left #narcisatamborindeguy talking to herself. #TikTokNews #leodias ♬ original sound – Official Metropolis

Still embarrassed, the socialite tried to talk a few more times: “Go, tell. Tell us what happened (…) Ah, Catarina’s account”. The video went viral on the internet and internet users repeat the most recent catchphrase: “Conta da Catarina”.

The live was published on Narcissa’s Instagram profile, but with edits.