On appeal, the CPI says it received a decision from Nunes Marques on motoboy with ‘perplexity’

Regimental appeal was presented at dawn this Tuesday; Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva withdrew more than R$4 million from ATMs

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate AgencyCovid-19 CPI Summit analyzes documents in the commission’s plenary

In the appeal filed by the General Counsel of the Senate to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) at dawn this Tuesday, 31, the Covid-19 CPI says that he received with “perplexity” the order of the minister Nunes Marques which released VTCLog’s motorcycle courier, Ivanildo Gonçalves da Silva, to appear at the committee. The hearing of the employee of the logistics company, which has contracts with the Ministry of Health, was scheduled for this Tuesday, 31. In the piece, to which the Young pan had access, the president of the collegiate, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), asks that the monocratic decision of the magistrate, appointed by the president Jair Bolsonaro to the Court, “be immediately reconsidered”.

In the request, the commission emphasizes that the minister decided against the CPI “in virtually all the proceedings of his rapporteurship” and stated that the magistrate took his decision “without hearing the parliamentary inquiry commission”. “The majority of the Members of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission received with absolute surprise and perplexity you. aggravated decision – although we are aware that Exa. decided so far against the CPI in virtually all the proceedings of its rapporteurship (see attached doc) -, and determined that it should be challenged immediately, because, unlike what was alleged in the initial claim, the subsumption of the apparently criminal facts witnessed is self-evident by the petitioner and the scope of the ongoing legislative investigations”, affirm the parliamentarians. “Had it been urged, the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission would have clarified that the defendant’s conduct is not being investigated. [Ivanildo] or the facts prior to the pandemic in which it was involved, but the dynamics, the ‘modus
operandi’, the genetics of the apparent money laundering system that may be entangled with corruption schemes that probably hampered the provision of efficient, timely and adequate public services in the fight against the pandemic”, says another excerpt of the document.

On Monday night’s decision, 30, Nunes Marques said that there was no “congruence” between the facts that determined the opening of the CPI of Covid-19 and those that served as the basis for summoning the motoboy. The commission countered and stated, in the appeal, that the request for a hearing was duly motivated and “is clearly relevant to the scope of the investigations, which seek to clarify failures, crimes and responsibilities in line with causality with the greatest health tragedy in history of the country, which so far has already claimed the lives of more than 579,000 Brazilians”.

As Young Pan showed, according to a report by the Financial Activities Control Board (Coaf), held by the senators, VTCLog handled, in an atypical manner, R$ 117 million in the last two years. Ivanildo Gonçalves, in turn, an employee with a salary of around R$ 2 thousand, withdrew approximately R$ 4.7 million from ATMs. The motorcycle courier’s relationship with the company was revealed by Brasilia Newspaper. To the vehicle, he admitted having carried out the operations, highlighted that he had deposited amounts to people he did not know, but could not explain why he had to transport large amounts instead of having opted for bank transfers.