Palmeiras beat Inter and start ahead in the women’s Brazilian semi – 08/30/2021

Palmeiras beat Inter at Beira-Rio and opened the lead in the women’s Brazilian semifinal. Today (30), with a great goal by Chú, the team from São Paulo beat the Gaucho team by 1-0 and depends on a draw in the return game to reach the final.

There is no qualifying balance in the competition rules. In other words, Palmeiras plays for any win or draw. Inter’s victory by minimum score takes the decision to penalties. If the Colored Gurias win by two or more of advantage, they decide the competition.

The semifinal return game is scheduled for Sunday (5), at 11 am (GMT), in São Paulo.

On the other side of the key are Corinthians and Railway. In the first game, Timon won 3-1.

It went well: Chú makes great lyrics

Chú entered the second half, but contributed a lot. After crossing, the Palmeiras player scored a great goal.

Bad: Vivi makes mistakes in crossings

Inter’s goalkeeper failed in some crosses and showed insecurity in Palmeiras’ attacking plays.

Sundhage sink in Beira-Rio

The technique Pia Sundhage was in Beira-Rio following the game. Along with Duda Luizelli, coordinator of the Brazilian women’s teams, she observed the duel between Inter and Palmeiras. Tomorrow (31), she will call the Brazilian women’s team for two friendlies against Argentina.

VAR cancels penalty for Palmeiras

The VAR came to be used at this stage of the women’s Brasileirão, and right at the start of tonight’s game it was already important. Referee Rejane Caetano da Silva scored a penalty for Palmeiras, but was called to the video. In the bid, defensive midfielder Isa Haas, from Inter, moved the ball to corner after a cross and ended up hitting a teammate’s arm. After reviewing the monitor, the decision was changed.

Inter’s game: High scoring, but spaces in the back

Inter started the match in 4-4-2 with a very aggressive marking. The players on the side of the field along with the attackers pressured the trio of defenders of Palmeiras to try to recover the ball in the attacking field. They managed it a few times and created good chances. Fabi Simões knocked out of the area. Djeni hit the crossbar with a bang. But, by advancing the lines, Colorado took risks, and Palmeiras managed to create using the spaces behind the sides.

The Palmeiras game: Search for speed and counterattack

With pressure from Inter, Palmeiras couldn’t play as they would have liked. With no space to start their constructions with short passes, the team from São Paulo tried to bet on long throws for the speed of Carol Baiana and Maria Alves. And so it created good opportunities. In the first half, in addition to the nullified penalty in the VAR, he also hit the post. In the second half, Verdão gave up the three defenders in search of greater depth. And exactly one of the players who entered, Chú, scored a great goal.


Date: 08/30/2021 (Monday)
Local: Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)
arbiter: Rejane Caetano da Silva
Assistants: Lilian da Silva Fernandes Bruno and Andrea Izaura Maffra Marcelino de Sa
VAR: Igor Junio ​​Benevenuto de Oliveira
yellow cards: Camilinha, Ary (PAL); Rafa Travalão (INT)
goals: Chú, from Palmeiras, 29 minutes into the second half

I lived; Leidi, Bruna Benites, Sorriso and Ari; Djeni, Isa Haas (Mai), Mariana Pires (Thessa) and Shasha (Wendy); Fabi Simões (Milena) and Rafa Travalão.
Technician: Maurício Salgado

Jully; Agustina, Thais and Tainara (Duda Santos); B. Calderan, Ary (Rafa Andrade), Julia Bianchi, Katrine and Camilinha (Chu); Carol Baiana and Maria Alves.
Technician: Ricardo Belli