Paolla Oliveira: Actress wins Super Dance of the Famous and web criticizes result; Rodrigo Simas and Dandara Mariana were also finalists | Globe

Paolla Oliveira, Rodrigo Simas and Dandar Mariana disputed the final of the Super Dance of the Famous. Viewers met the winner of the competition last Sunday (29), but the result did not please many internet users. At the time, Diogo Nogueira’s girlfriend got the better of her and became a two-time champion.

The 39-year-old actress and teacher Leandro Azevedo scored 119.8 points in salsa and samba. Agatha Moreira’s boyfriend, who performed alongside Nathalia Ramos, came in second, with 119.7 points. Already Dandara and Diego Maia accumulated 119.6 of note and appeared in third place.

On Twitter, several users criticized the final decision and stated that Rodrigo Simas and Dandara Mariana performed better in samba and salsa, respectively. “Rodrigo was the best, considering he didn’t have any slips. Dandara was magnificent in the waltz and Paolla didn’t have the best performance“, wrote a tweeter.

Dandara Mariana was perfect in the waltz. And Rodrigo Simas was the best samba. And if there was a criterion for comparison, Paolla Oliveira did not win. It would be between Dandara and Rodrigo. Not discrediting, she danced well, but she wasn’t the BEST of either dance“complained another.

See the repercussion below: