PGR denounces Roberto Jefferson for incitement to crime and homophobia

Urgent: PGR denounces Roberto Jefferson for incitement to crime and homophobia


The PGR has just denounced former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson, pre-trial detained for two weeks by determination of Alexandre de Moraes.

In the document, the assistant attorney Lindôra Araújo cites the crimes of incitement to crime, incitement to insubordination against institutions and homophobia.

The complaint was filed on August 25th. Lindôra mentions episodes in which Jefferson encourages the population to invade Congress and attack institutions. The assistant attorney also cites the National Security Law.

The PGR asked that the STF minister Alexandre de Moraes assess the possibility of house arrest. The former deputy’s defense alleges that he has serious disease problems and is facing cancer treatment.

Read the full decision here:

“The FEDERAL PUBLIC PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, through the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic to which it subscribes, in the use of its legal attributions, comes, pursuant to article 129, item I, Federal Constitution, and article 6, item V, Complementary Law No. 75 /93, comes, before Your Excellency, to expose and request the following.

The Federal Public Ministry offers a complaint against ROBERTO JEFFERSON MONTEIRO FRANCISCO for infringement of arts. 23, IV, c/c 18, both of Law 7.170/1983 (three times, pursuant to article 71 of the Penal Code, 286 c/c 163, sole paragraph, II and III, both of the Penal Code, 26 of the Law 7,170/1983 and 20, § 2, of Law 7,716/1989 (twice, pursuant to article 71 of the Penal Code).

Considering that the accused is not included in the list of art. 102, I, “b”, of the Federal Constitution, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requests that any decline in jurisdiction be considered.

At this time, it also asks for the consideration of the application for house arrest.”

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